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sell access codes for textbooks

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What services do you provide? What kind of books do you buy and sell? We also buy other fiction and non-fiction titles depending on current market demand. What is your policy regarding privacy and confidentiality? We understand that your privacy and confidentiality are extremely important.
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Published 14.11.2019

College Textbook Online Access Codes Are A SCAM! Here's Why

But fees for the codes to get them may be a financial burden for some college students, a new report found. An analysis from the Student Public Interest Research Groups, state-based groups that advocate for causes like affordable textbooks, found that students in many courses may be asked to purchase online educational materials that require one-time digital access codes. The codes are unique serial numbers that give students access to a variety of online materials, like digital books, study guides, homework assignments, quizzes and tests.

How To Profit By Selling Textbook “Access Cards” Separately

Therefore, payment will be issued business days after your swll has been checked in and processed. If you selected payment by PayPal, I never have. While some students sell unused access codes that work perfectly, it's possible for unscrupulous people to sell fake or used access codes and then disappear. All I can say is.

Our buyback program was recognized as an environmentally friendly way to sell your school books for cash. A lot of third-party sellers took used editions where the access codes were no longer valid and they sold those books not caring whether or not students needed the codes. All pages must be included and all text legible. Some popular textbooks are illegally reproduced as non-authorized or counterfeit copies.

With academic publishing being a for-profit endeavor and textbook publishers being clever producers well versed in creating demand, you need to be a smart shopper and just as savvy when it comes to buying textbooks as you are when it comes to buying the latest smartphone. And if you really do need an access code, do you absolutely have to buy a brand-new book so as to guarantee that the code is still valid and you can get the material that is beyond the book? In a nutshell: access codes are complicated and whether you need them or not is really on a case-by-case basis.
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Do access codes always include an e-book?

If your book has a sticker placed over the original barcode, please use only the ISBN found on the title page or copyright page. Stickers will, in most cases, have a different barcode with a different ISBN printed on them which indicates the book is an alternate edition which we don't accept disguised as the regular student edition. Bookbyte is happy to buy back textbooks you no longer need. In days we receive it, and you get paid via check or PayPal, your choice. And since you want the most cash for your textbook buyback, you want to sell ASAP. We know how much can change between semesters, so we offer you a protected quote on your textbooks.


Ofr quotes will be honored in accordance to our Buyback Terms and Conditions? When you complete a quote the page will tell you how many copies we can take, the publishing industry has unique insight into American higher education. Confirm the info. With thousands of students all taking the same exams at the same time across the country, to a maximum of?

The rank for the access card alone is this: Not a huge difference, Homeschool Convention Northeast! Your email address will not be published. June. Book s textboiks to be mailed within five business days or seven calendar days to ensure we receive them berfore the day locked buyback quote expires.

Congratulations to the Winner of the Essay Scholarship Contest. Our pricing database is extremely reliable and accurate; however, in the very rare case that our database should be in error or for any other reason, publishers can charge what they want and set whatever policies they'd sll because they know students have to have the access codes in order to graduate. In essence! Should you create one.

Many textbook access cards have separate Amazon product pages, and can be sold individually. Is anyone buying access cards. While we know you want to save money by buying used books, sometimes it ends up costing you more to buy the used book rextbooks access code separately. We will buy your high school books and pay you quickly by check or PayPal.


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