Growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms pdf download

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growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms pdf download

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Commercial mushrooms are produced on lignocellulose such as straw, saw dust, and wood chips. As such, mushroom-forming fungi convert low-quality waste streams into high-quality food. Spent mushroom substrate SMS is usually considered a waste product. This review discusses the applications of SMS to promote the transition to a circular economy. SMS can be used as compost, as a substrate for other mushroom-forming fungi, as animal feed, to promote health of animals, and to produce packaging and construction materials, biofuels, and enzymes.
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Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushroom cultivation in the circular economy

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Copyright Mind Media. Some rights reserved. Generated in 0. Hey everybody, I was watching this guy's TED talk amazing if you haven't yet seen it , and it made me wonder about his books in general. I also ran across this and wondered if anyone had discovered the link. Not surprisingly, I was beaten to it. Excellent find, especially because the print version is so expensive and an ebook version, as far as I can find, doesn't exist, even for purchase.


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