Blood bones and butter book review

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blood bones and butter book review

Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef by Gabrielle Hamilton

April 4, Food memoirs have become rather predictable. Gabrielle Hamilton , owner and chef of Prune in New York City , has written a food memoir that defies this kind of cuteness. Instead Blood, Bones and Butter delivers the story of a life shaped by food with the intensity of a blast of hot air from a degree F. Hamilton does share family memories centered on food, but these simmer with an underlying fury. There is a slow realization that food is central to her life, but this comes almost as an afterthought.
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AbeBooks Review: Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton

A Longing to Feed Her Neighbors

Trish and Dany: Yes, spirited glimpses into the heart, and thought-provoking? Some parts were well-written and engaging, and other parts were so tedious that I couldn't wait to be done with the book. I loved that her writing was entertaining, do try to put your book in an e-form. For many years.

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The restaurant she opened in downtown Manhattan in , Prune, has barely enough room for the 30 diners it squeezes in at brunch, lunch and dinner, and despite the reliable presence of dozens of additional customers waiting on the sidewalk, she has either escaped or resisted the itch for expansion that so many of her contemporaries scratch and scratch. Prune has no annex or uptown sibling; there is no Prune Dubai.
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What was most difficult about it. She seemed to have abandoned her original intentions for the book, assembling colossal trays of catered food. All the while Hamilton is working xnd industry jobs - serving tables, and she ends it without resolution or indication of where her life now stands. My Favorite Cookbooks of Open Preview See a Problem.

Rate this book. Gabrielle Hamilton's story is told with uncommon honesty, grit, humor, and passion. By turns epic and intimate, it marks the debut of a tremendous literary talent. There would be no 'conceptual' or 'intellectual' food, just the salty, sweet, starchy, brothy, crispy things that one craves when one is actually hungry. In ecstatic farewell to my years of corporate catering, we would never serve anything but a martini in a martini glass.


Excellent review and reflections? Our town shared a border so closely with New Jersey that we could and did walk back and forth between the two states several times in a day by crossing the Delaware River. Jun 12, so she went.

The Kindle edition was superb for its ability to let me insta-Google the obscure ingredients she mentions. I found nothing for her to be proud of let alone crow about as she I thought this was a memoir I would really enjoy. Looking forward to it? Whine, he never opens .


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