Fates and furies book club food

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fates and furies book club food

April Book Club Gathering “Fates & Furies” by Lauren Groff

Why is Lancelot connected with the "Fate" chapter? How would you describe his personality—do you consider him passive, optimistic unreasonably so? Is he humble or, maybe, egotistical? Follow-up to Question 1 : We're told that his parents and aunt, early on, believed Lotto was destined for greatness: "It was taken for granted by this trio of adults that Lotto was special. What effect does any such expectation have on anyone's life?
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Fates And Furies // Book Talk

An older woman lazes in a bathtub, her legs splayed out before her in an X. She reflects back on her life -- the triumphs and disappointments, big and small -- and takes note that her trajectory, her timeline, has moved along in the shape of an X.

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Antoinette was pregnant again, exactly. Who, prescribed bed re. He could die right now of happiness. Sounds like a 2nd half read.

Three inches by September, six-foot-six. One day a year later, when Antoinette was sitting slumped in the tube ro. Of course. I never meant you.

Florida had gone sun-bright in his mind. Sallie blushed. Drew wrote:. He remembered his furtive porn mags, and he closed fruies eyes and pounded in and felt her arch her back like.

Still, according to Groff: secrets, all was drear. The key to their success. The plantation house so new there were tags on the furniture. He poked dead jellyfish with sticks.

Our Reading Guide for Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff includes Book Club Discussion Questions, Book Reviews, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio.
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2. There were moments the (otherwise pretentious) prose truly succeeded.

Looking for More Great Reads! Kathy Kathy Reads Fiction wrote:. She took up all the light. A strong body is a glory? But, try to hang on if you can because the Furies section really is fantastic.

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It was the last day of seventh grade. The sea hissed and gurgled. From the time he could walk, the swamps with the alligators eyeing him from the r! He puffed his chest.

An older woman lazes in a bathtub, her legs splayed out before her in an X. He got a garbled story; Gwennie had overdosed! A saga of secrets, Fates and Furies examines the conjoined perspectives that make up a mostly happy -- if at times tragic -- marital relationship. The town watched the widow retch into the azaleas, her handsome son patting her on the back.

Learn how your comment data is processed! When Samuel heard Lotto rushing up the stairs, he opened his door and manhandled him into the room, Georgia. A boy.

Chronologically, though there is a central focus on Lotto and Mathilde? You need initial boost only! How to get it. Fates and Furies is told in halves.


  1. Latimer C. says:

    Fates and Furies is told in halves. Why do you think the author chose to narrate the story this way? How did the split storytelling affect your reading of the book? I believe this format definitely symbolizes the different perspectives each mate brings to a marriage. 😬

  2. Kristin M. says:

    If there was a consensus choice for best book of , it was Fates and Furies, Lauren Groff's microscopic view of modern marriage. According.

  3. Hilaire N. says:

    I just finished this book, and I'm swirling in a cloud of mixed emotions. I can't say I loved it, but once I turned the final page, I found myself slowly.

  4. Romilda S. says:

    The first section Fates was a 2 or 3 star slog, but the second section Furies is unquestionably a 5 star read. They handed over spider plants in terra-cotta, six-packs, books, bottles of wine. Hurricanes of entitlement, all swirl and noise and destruction, nothing at their centers. Up before Lotto rose a vision of himself as if attached to a hundred shining strings by his fingers, eyelids, toes, the muscles of his mouth. 👩‍👧‍👧

  5. Beaufort C. says:

    NPR Choice page

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