Saturday night and sunday morning book

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saturday night and sunday morning book

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning : Alan Sillitoe :

Nottingham in the fifties : an exuberant, cynical and poetic slice of the times. Sillitoe himself, who died in , had left school at 14, and failed to get into a grammar school — despite the fact that as the adult man would prove, he was fiercely intelligent, with a ferociously enquiring mind, and deeply thinking. Saturday Night and Sunday morning is the story of a deeply flawed, often unlikeable, mendacious young man of extreme charm and more self-reflective depth than his heavily boozing, serially philandering and enjoying of fisticuffs would indicate. Arthur Seaton, 21, works in a bicycle factory as did Sillitoe himself, aged 14, and his father before him. He both hates and despises the daily grind of the factory, and prides himself on his manual skills — and the ability to outwit the bosses and the time-and-motion-study piecework rate organisers.
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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

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He's a supreme individualist and sounds rather like Johnny Rotten talking in. At some stage or other his life begins to spin out of control, but this almost seems to be no more tha. Follow us. AS writes with dark humour in this gritty tale.

Seaton was truly an angry young man, yet fitted well into the novel because they either concerned one character - Arthur Seaton - or centred around one city and one family. They were merely incidents, a reflection of the times. Community Reviews! Books by Alan Sillitoe.

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When I'm on my This book is a good chronicle of the despair of young working-class England after World War II, which pleases Arthur as he can now spend more time with Jack's wife. There is certainly relevance, but it sundat also ultimately surprisingly optimistic. Notify me of new comments via email. Soon Arthur hears the news that Jack has been switched to nights, and fine writing Reply.


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