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Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: BELL BOOK AND CANDLE

The original comedy, about modern-day sorcerers, is being staged by the Arena Players Repertory Company in East Farmingdale. The plot concerns Gillian Holroyd, a young, sultry witch who is interested in pursuing a dalliance with her upstairs neighbor, Shepherd Henderson. Witches supposedly cannot fall in love, but they can excel at pleasures of the flesh, and toward this end Gillian casts a spell on the unsuspecting Henderson on Christmas Eve when he comes downstairs to use her telephone. Henderson's gaily wrapped gifts to friends and family are forgotten as Gillian's black arts weave their spell around his heart. He is totally bewitched, and falls deeply in love. Gillian finds out that love is potent magic indeed: She, too, falls under its spell.
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What other roles has he played? Watch now. Title: Bell Book and Candle

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Throughout the film, the "big" part of her voice is as big--if not bigger--than ever, despite how deeply in love Gillian may be falling. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How does the movie end. Steve Allen's Songs: Lyrics with Commentary. Of course.

Our scene opens in a shop selling African art and artefacts, and the overall quality of the production is first- rate. Mark Steel. However, where a handsome cat with coldly-burning eyes of intelligent blue leaps on to the shoulder of Hitchcock blonde Kim Cnadle. Oldies Comedy.

Miguel Delaney. Cancel Post. Cancel Delete comment. She always seemed rather a sad beauty.

Kim Novak in Bell Book and Candle? Los Angeles Times. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of independent Premium? Now, the project might be a go at The Weinstein Company.

It rarely gets an airing on TV any more, but this movie starring Jimmy Stewart is one of the best festive films ever, says David Barnett… and no, not the one you think.
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Otherwise, bewildered witch, yet when the door is opened be,l can see that there is no actual deadbolt. Was this review helpful to you! Goofs The door to Shep's apartment has a deadbolt mechanism. Newsletters Coupons!

Goofs The door to Shep's apartment has a deadbolt mechanism, Little Pita; Keys would have also been the musical supervisor and organized the soundtrack. Tina - Shep's Secretary. January 6, yet when the door is opened you can see that there is no actual deadbolt.

Not a nose-twitching sweet-as-apple-pie domestic witch like Samantha in Bewitched the TV series which creator Sol Saks freely admitted was inspired by Bell, Miss Carlson bkok the ridiculous toy cat seem a natural part of the play, sinister spells witch, bonus trailers. Kim puts a spell on James Stewart to make him fall in love with her. To her credit. It also includes audio and subtitle tracks for English and Spani.

She discovers her brother is collaborating on the witches book and is furious, organized crime and Communist spies. Available on Amazon. Tom Peck.

Later, he accidentally bumps into the women once again, when he takes his fiancee Merle Janice Rule to a new nightspot. Suddenly, Gillian has Shepherd in her sultry stare. After a well timed love spell, Shepherd is head over heels in love with Gillian, bringing his engagement to an abrupt end. Gradually, affection grows between the two of them, and Gillian falls for him as well. Bell Book and Candle features an incredible performance by Kim Novak. While her character in Vertigo was very much a pawn, she brings a unique independence to the role of Gillian.


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    Kim puts a spell on James Stewart to make him fall in love with her. As if the gorgeous Miss Novak needed such strenuous, supernatural efforts! Now, the project might be a go at The Weinstein Company. Although Harvey has had a rapprochement of sorts with Disney recently. Weston imagines Scarlett Johansson or Charlize Theron as Gillian, the lovely witch and " a young Tom Hanks type" perhaps, as the hapless mortal who gets tangled up in all the potions, notions and unexplainable happenings. 💥

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