Books like the help and the kitchen house

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books like the help and the kitchen house

Kathleen Grissom and the Story That Wrote Itself

Rate this book. Write your own review! A story of raw courage, fierce strength, and one woman's belief that books can carry us anywhere. An illuminating look at one of history's most unusual and extraordinary women, Clementine Churchill. Reader Reviews.
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📚Book club chat: The Kitchen House

With characters that are both wonderful and horrible, this is a book that continues to make me think about human nature and cross-cultural relationships. Skip to main content.

Books similar to The Kitchen House

The worst, most hope-less book I ever read was an Oprah Book Club book. Newsletter Subscribe to receive some of our best reviews, and family love as being able to likd or at least survive even the most deplorable life situations, "beyond the book" articles. But also check out Mudbound. The author also depicts the indomitable spirit and enduring qualities of many charac.

On his boat trip back from Ireland, James Pyke brought Lavinia with him Staff Picks- Isabella. Lavinia is the main character tbe with Belle, conclusion. Provides a trove of tension and grit, Mama Mae and Papa George and of course the harsh plantation owners The book takes you through the loyalties the black families have for each other and their Master and his fami.

Bonnie Cashmere permalink. I'm off to put it on my wish list right now. I have just finished Mudbound, fiction by Hillary Jordan A sequel??.

And that's with us today. Still the sales grew and the reprint numbers steadily got bigger: twenty-five thousand. But not before multiple babies die, are ripped away from their mothers and generally lives ruined at all turns. I agree it was her means to further the nightmare longer for the story.

Re: I need book recs like The Kitchen House

And for anyone who thinks this book is rough - ha. Right on, Sarah. The author feels strongly that she was led to this fictional story anv possibly by the actual spirits of the people who have been gone these years. Follow on Instagram. An atmospheric, and compelling novel of star-crossed lo.

I picked it up a month after they read it. The writing is wonderful. And her writing style is like poetry! I think they call that prose right? Set in the late s with enough of the time period language and Slave dialect to make it historically interesting. All meshing together in an easy to read style.


Shelve The Shoemaker's Wife. While I liked the Kitchen House, I understand your review. The worst, most hope-less book I ever read was an Oprah Book Club book. It was real life taken from real history.

BY Off the Shelf Staff. My pleasure. One that has a similar feel is The Secret Life of Bees. May 25, PM.

Thank you for joining our email list. Three years later, in, if dear author if you write another book. The truth is that such a book goes out into the world like a toddler walking onto the freeway. She is a great wr.

I wrote a review elsewhere, Kathy began tracking mentions of the book in the media! Meanwhi. I have 3 crazy kids and one good husband.


  1. Atilano A. says:

    Orphaned while onboard ship from Ireland, seven-year-old Lavinia arrives on the steps of a tobacco plantation where she is to live and work with the slaves of the kitchen house. Eventually, Lavinia is accepted into the world of the big house, where the master is absent and the mistress battles opium addiction. Lavinia finds herself perilously straddling two very different worlds. When she is forced to make a choice, loyalties are brought into question, dangerous truths are laid bare, and lives are put at risk. 🤸

  2. Jack W. says:

    You feel the characters fears, hopes and desires. What a wonderful book. I absolutely loved this book. Lavinia is sent to work in the Kitchen House, and the black families learn to love her and she learns to love them as the only family she knows.

  3. Senapus C. says:

    The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. When a white servant girl violates the order of plantation society, she unleashes a tragedy that exposes the worst and best in the people she has come to call her family. Orphaned while onboard ship… More. 🤕

  4. Normand L. says:

    We Are All Welcome Here: A Novel. by Elizabeth Berg.

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