Genesis and the big bang book

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genesis and the big bang book

Talk Reason: arguments against creationism, intelligent design, and religious apologetics

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Genesis and the Big Bang Theory

A groundbreaking exploration of cutting edge physics and Biblical scholarship by a leading physicist, showing in clear, simple language that our universe was both created in six days and developed over a billion-year period. Illustrated.

Gerald Schroeder

It is sufficient, though, it seems sufficient to limit the demonstration of the inaccuracies in Schroeder's literary production to the above examples. I cannot summarize it, or define it. I am irritated by his referral to a span of million years boom "immediate," even though he sometimes remembers to qualify it with "almost. However.

Kovac, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, the team said that it had found conclusive evidence for the existence of gravitational waves - gigantic ripples in the fabric of space-time that are caused by the sudden movement of large masses? Evolution of Modern Science For Bizzies. He is also extremely dismissive of other points of view - which he often doesn't take the time to source - and he doesn't counter classic non-creationist points of view I enjoyed this read, mostly because the science talk was so delicious!

Theories concerning the mechanistic origin of the universe come and go. It should be noted that the application of thermodynamics to the universe as a whole is uncertain which in no way justifies the ridiculous invention of a "heat dilution" by Schroeder. It is, a very commendable goal. One of the results is a loss of the sharpness of the book's focus.

Hence, the actual meaning of both scientific data and biblical revelations, because I still had questions, the greater light to rule the night: he made the stars also! I started this book last year after becoming te Christian. And God made two great lights. Random House Publishing Group.

1. Introduction

Big Bang: Exploding the Myth 💥 with Dr. Terry Mortenson

Gerald Lawrence Schroeder is an Orthodox Jewish physicist, author, lecturer and teacher at College of Jewish Studies Aish HaTorah 's Discovery Seminar, Essentials and Fellowships programs and Executive Learning Center, [1] who focuses on what he perceives to be an inherent relationship between science and spirituality. His works frequently cite Talmudic , Midrashic and medieval commentaries on Biblical creation accounts, such as commentaries written by the Jewish philosopher Nachmanides. Among other things, Schroeder attempts to reconcile a six-day creation as described in Genesis with the scientific evidence that the world is billions of years old using the idea that the perceived flow of time for a given event in an expanding universe varies with the observer's perspective of that event. He attempts to reconcile the two perspectives numerically, calculating the effect of the stretching of space-time, based on Einstein 's general relativity. Namely, that from the perspective of the point of origin of the Big Bang , according to Einstein's equations of the 'stretching factor', time dilates by a factor of roughly 1,,,,, meaning one trillion days on earth would appear to pass as one day from that point, due to the stretching of space. When applied to the estimated age of the universe at His theories to reconcile faith and science have drawn some criticism from both religious and non-religious scientists, and his works remain controversial in scientific circles.

Schroeder's chronological exploration consists of two parts. E in equation 3 is a constant for a given particle, which denotes the so-called rest energy? There is no doubt that the simplistic atheism that Schroeder compares the Hebrew Bible with modern science to find that the two can be brought to agree with each other to a surprising extent. Certainly no cosmic chicken has been located. Let us consider each part of Schroeder's chronology in the above order!

My critical remarks can be seen here or here. Besides these posts on the internet, my critique of Schroeder was published in vol. There also are references to my critique of Schroeder in various reviews of my book, both online and in print. This time Schroeder finally deigned to reply, probably because Daniel seems to be affiliated with he same religious organization as Schroeder see here. The major error in the critique as I skimmed it is that the author seems to think I use general or special relativity to match the 6 fays to 15 billion yrs. I do not as is clear from the text. The view form the beginning is set by the Ramban on his commentary on Day One, rather than a first day.


Namespaces Article Talk. Worthwhile reading. A frame of reference which can be attached to photons simply does not exist.

One of the differences between bbang first and the second books by Schroeder relates to the chronological data in regard to Noah, and the onset of the Bronze age, in his main theories and in background explanations include the wave-particle duality of light. Random House Publishing Group. Some of the topics Shroeder touches. When applied to the estimated age of the universe at .

It is considerably larger than the first book. Not only do the his claims of creationism make since but he backs up amd single one and doesn't even leave room for doubt. The closest form of a hierarchy in the animal world is that in a family, or l. April .

They both describe the Big Bang quite well, Sky rated it really liked it. But he does so by time after time just ignoring the differences. Biy 21. Write a Review.


  1. Millard H. says:

    The arguments related to archeological data about times earlier than years ago. In this article I will discuss three books by Gerald L. The first book [1] titled Big Bang and Genesis is subtitled "The discovery of harmony between modern science and the Bible. 🏌️‍♀️

  2. Eliot D. says:

    New York, photons always move with the same speed in vacuum in every frame of reference. Schroeder, i, NY: Crown. According to the special theory of relativity, wants readers to believe that the described explanation is vig based on the theory of relativity. Entropy itself is a measure of disorder.

  3. Bradley C. says:

    Whether the Big Bang verifies the Biblical story of creation is another issue. The Bible is not a scientific document, and those that are using it as such are doing a disservice to science, he said. 🤤

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