Holes book characters names and nicknames

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holes book characters names and nicknames

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The main character of the book is called Stanley Yelnats and has always had bad luck because of a curse that was brought upon his family by his great-great-grandfather. Stanley, who is in fact innocent, has been sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing the shoes of a famous basketball player. Although his age is not mentioned, he must be of middle school age. The only information about his physical appearance is that Stanley is white, tall and overweight and the kids at school often tease him about his size Sachar 7 , which could result in him not being very self-confident. Over the course of the novel, this unselfconfident, nondescript boy becomes a courageous and selfless hero. At Camp Green Lake he becomes a member of a group , consisting of five other boys, each with a nickname.
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Sure, we don't really see any of the boys at Camp Green Lake interact with their families.

The 1990s Newbery Medal Winners

Think about Stanley Yelnats, whose name is spelled the same forward and backward. Stanley's family is cursed with bad luck, they always try to remain hopeful and look on the bright side of things. Yelnats Mr. Even Stanley's last name is just a backwards version of his name which made me think about the transformation that he made in the book.

Her only concern is finding the buried treasure! Who wouldn't. National Book Award for Young People's Literature and the Newbery Medal for the year's "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children". The guard accompanies Stanley to Camp Green Lake.

Holes: Popular pages. He is proud of himself and has gained self-confidence. At the end of the novel, Stanley is a self-confident young man who is clearly going places. Among her victims are Stanley's great-grandfather.

Pendanski's conversations, but he never completely despairs and always shows incredible strength and willpower. After he fell in love with the woman in Latvia, forgetting to go through with the promise he made to a gypsy named Madame Zeroni, Magnet anr he'd like to train animals for movies. Zero has suffered many hardships in his li. The book details an account of how.

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She does not care about others, about bicknames needs or feelings. I'll have to re-read it, or maybe listen to the audio version. The Warden never gets the buried treasure. A boy assigned to Tent D to take Zero's place. He attends Katherine Barlow's evening class for adults in the one-room schoolhouse and consistently disrupts the lessons.

Stanley is the protagonist of this story, a shy, unpopular high school student. He is described early on as soft and pudgy, and a natural target for bullies at his Texas high school, notably a nasty boy named Derrick Dunne. At Camp Green Lake he finds it much easier to fit in, and within a couple days of arriving already has a nickname and a few friends. The physical labor at the camp - the endless digging of huge holes in the desert - is exhausting for him at first, but he has the mental resilience to push through, and eventually becomes physically stronger as well. The book details an account of how Derek, a boy half his size, picks on him without fear of retaliation, and when Stanley is incorrectly thought of as a thief at Camp Green Lake, he does not attempt to defend himself. It is worthwhile remembering that Stanley should not be at Camp Green Lake in the first place because he has not committed any crime. This reluctance to interfere with external events may be traced back to the family curse to which he and the other members of the Yelnats family attribute all their misfortunes.


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    Labor is seen throughout the novel as the children are forced to dig holes while at Camp Green Lake! When Kate and Sam kiss the town grows angry and kills Sam. In mids Latvia, she was an elderly woman and was good friends with Elya Yelnats. Zero is the one who steals the shoes that Charafters was accused of stealing.

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    Home About Story Contact Help. They were all really different characters, but in just having nicknames showed they were part of the community at Camp Green Lake. Holes: Popular pages. A woman in Green Lake who thanks Sam for curing her daughter with onions.

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    Afterward, she is searching for something and has been her whole life, she was an elderly woman and was good friends with Elya Yelnats! In mids Latvia. It is worthwhile remembering that Stanley should not be at Camp Green Lake in the first place because he has not committed any crime. Inste.

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