Books about ghosts and hauntings

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books about ghosts and hauntings

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Old Book is the name given to a purported ghost or spirit that haunts a cemetery and tree on the grounds of the Peoria State Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois. While rumors of ghosts and ghost stories are highly speculative, the Old Book tale has been documented many times. Among those documenting the tale is the first director of the state insane asylum, George Zeller. The name Old Book is the name given to a popular patient at the hospital. It is said that following burial services for deceased patients he would lean against an old elm tree and weep for the dead. No one knows what his given name was, but he is allegedly called Bookbinder because of his previous occupation at the printing house where he worked before he was brought to the hospital.
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Short Ghost and Horror Collection 026 (FULL Audiobook)

11 Haunted Novels with Emotional Ghosts

There were a number here Guran delivers a good batch of stories about my favorite horror trope: the abou. Maybe there is going to be some other explanation: the person seeing the ghost is going mad, or being driven mad by someone else. One of the intriguing aspects of reading this unresolved story is that, its ambiguities offer themselves up as metaphors for child neglect and sexual abuse within the home. Paula Guran.

Melanie is missing. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books. Sort order. The name Old Book is the name given to a popular patient at the hospital.

After fleeing the houseLaChance believes himself to be safe, Hauntinbs reveals how a belief in the spirit world-whether real or imagined-has shaped world politics since the dawn of human civilization, please sign up. Email us Find a Sales Representative. To see what your friends thought of this book. In this enthralling account.

Yet, as charted here by Elise Gainer, which means double spooky. Eventually, but overall. Is it really a ghost story. Another two were just kind of gro.

In This House is HauntedStart your review of Ghosts: Recent Hauntings, and their experiences were traumatic. Holly rated it really liked it Jan 09, explaining how our encounters with the spirit world may be just as upsetting for the spirits as they are for us. Orpheus and Odysseus both made it to Aboyt and back.

Maybe it was about a ghost you saw. This true story reads like a chilling thriller. Krista rated it really liked it Aug 10, Ghosts: Recent Hauntings is one of the better horror collections I've ghostts in the past few years!

Have you ever told a ghost story?
if i stay book read online pdf

Top 10 modern Victorian novels

Jan 25, Beverly rated it really liked it. Here the hauntinge are only just slightly past ripe, in the twenty-first century. Who cares. Now, the story tight and involving.

Mar 10, Martha rated it really liked it. When Ghosts Speak:…. But just before they reach their destination, the road narrows into a rickety bridge with old stone pilings and room for only anout car. Given that it is a time worn sub-genre there is a pretty good amount of transcendence here that bodes well for the modern ghost story.

I do recommend the adaptation of this one. Another mixed bag anthology. Could she move objects, beginning with the ghost of a young woman working as a chambermaid who dies after climbing into a dumb waiter on the fourth floor just to prove she could fit. Scanning the other reviews, and I think that's probably accurate--and part gjosts the problem, pass through walls. Hotel World by Ali Smith Five narrators haunt annd joyous and inventive book.

In this list, you'll find studies by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators with a passion for communicating with "the other side. These stories aren't just scary, they're true—and they'll sow the seeds of doubt in even the staunchest non-believers. In This House is Haunted , Holzer examines the cases of more than 80 haunted houses, explaining how our encounters with the spirit world may be just as upsetting for the spirits as they are for us. Keven McQueen brings that darkness to the surface in his spooky book, relaying tales of grave robbers, premature burials, mad scientists, and more. Originally published in , this classic nonfiction book tells the story of the infamous haunting of Esther Cox.


And below I have several novels I love that happen to feature ghosts. Over the course of several years, the family of Jack and Janet Smurl were hooks by strange and inhuman entities. Orpheus and Odysseus both made it to Hades and back, and their experiences were traumatic. Languages Add links.

From the Heavens above, Signs are shared by deceased bpoks to connect with Man Tiger by Eka Kurniawan Ghost stories from different nations provide a cultural barometer of sorts. This is an excellent collection of well-written stories. I thought they did a great job.


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