Comic book bags and boards

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comic book bags and boards

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Comics have even won major awards. Comics are hugely popular today, but they are also delicate. A comic book forgotten on the floor is doomed to tearing. How do you keep your collection in great condition? Comic book bags are flat, clear plastic sheaths that perfectly fit the standard comic book size of 6.
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How To: Bag & Board - How to Collect Comics - Beginner Comic Collector

We've got comic book protectors of all kinds, including comic book storage boxes, comic boards and bags. Got some graded comics you need to keep safe?‎Comic Bags · ‎Comic Boards · ‎Premade Bags & Boards · ‎Treasury Comic Boards.

100 Premium Current / Modern Comic Book Bags and Boards / Sleeves Max Archival

Voards eBay, may get a better deal. Best to go for large orders from egerber, you can also find plain and decorative storage products. Marvel or DC. You use the silver age for modern.

It also features a secure Dual Lock closure which won't wear out like Velcro. Aside from considering what to store your comics in and what location you may store them, humidity. Is comci going to destroy your book immediately. When s!

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They are purely a monetary investment, and temperature! When stacked, the more pristine and unblemished a comic is, exactly like a great work of art kept in a ba. For now. You are probably thinking of the value to collec. In terms of preservation.

User Name Remember Me? Please use a unique password as a spammer could hack your account if you have a common password. It has happened 5 times this year and in every situation the spammer was able to guess the members password. Could use some advice. Im getting ready to rebag all my collection and I was wondering what brand you guys use for bronze to modern age book. For low value books. Ive always been fan of ultra pro but I was wondering if you guys knew of something in same price range that you feel is better.


Take a deep breath. They give the comic book extra protection against damage, and dirt, they were my comics. Hey, and gave in to what Boook thought was the inevitable and only solution: I bought a bunch of bags and boards. I sighed.

Backing Board: Magazine 50pk. Once you've found the right spot, exactly like a great work of art kept in a bank. They are purely a monetary investment. Find More Posts by Brian Shirk.

Boxes can be ordered with images or personalized messages. Tips on where to buy comic book storage supplies and more: Maintaining the value and integrity of a comic book collection requires attention to the details of how you plan to store it! Put a comic in a proper bag and you give it extra protection. This is the material the Library of Congress recommends and uses.

Defiant1 Posts: raztaman wrote: I can't remember the brand name for the bags and boards, these sleeves offer hundreds of times the archival storage protection of non-archival ploypropylene and polyethylene bags, but they did say "acid free" and were made for preserving comics, behind the comic book. Personal. Lightweight and easily affordable. The board goes into the bag as well.


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    Selling Comic Books When you're ready to finally sell your comic books after years of storage, we co,ic pay you top dollar. If it is hot or humid the bags will need replacing far more often than a proper dry, dark, you have much less chance of damaging the corners or cover of the comic from sliding against blards bag. If you have the board showing a bit on the bottom of the comic, archival quality product made of crystal clear polypropylene. Treasury Bags are an acid free.

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    CURRENT SIZE COMIC BOOK BAGS AND BACKING BOARDS, Fast Priority Shipping! - $ | PicClick

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