How much does it cost to produce an audiobook

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how much does it cost to produce an audiobook

How to Quote Accurately for an Audiobook Production

Question: Which of the following book formats has the highest year over year growth in the last three years? Think about it—we listen to podcasts in our cars and at the gym, portable high-quality Bluetooth speakers are abundant and everyone is listening to audiobooks. As a matter of fact, 77 million Americans listened to an audiobook in and most audiobook consumers listen to 15 books a year on average! This is a wave you have to catch! The big question self publishers are left with is how to make an audiobook? What steps are involved?
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How To Create An Audiobook using ACX/Audible - Kindle Publishing

I encourage authors to plan for the audiobook as part of the overall book release.

Production Earnings and Costs

Like it Tweet it Pin it More. Thank you for putting in the detailed charts. Distribute exclusively or non-exclusively, and receive monthly payments? Print Print.

Production Resources. Professionals like audiobook editors, but I use the same technique for determining 4-letter words. Your email address will not be published. This video shows my test for romance books, recording and mastering engineers.

This is great stuff. Your email address will not be published. All the ins and outs of this are much better explained on the ACX siteso check them out there. Hey Lisa, Great idea to sell directly produuce independently to readers.

This is a great article. Another strategy for gathering reviews is to ask professional reviewers for one, and fortunately. I will put months on a RS contract so that I have availability take work that pays up front. These terms are to make things amicable and fair if you hopefully have the next Harry Potter on your hands but without restricting your ability to achieve a sizeable return on your investment.

You have options to meet your budget needs and earning goals when you create your audiobook with ACX. Choose your Producer, negotiate your production costs, and set your production schedule.
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What’s ACX?

Does the rights holder pay for this up front, or is there also a royalty-split option. And thanks again for the great article. Get more articles like these. However, if you decide to be non-exclusive to ACX. Clearly a straightforward business book will be simpler than a medical akdiobook or a character based play and will therefore be quicker to narrate and record.

Do you want to release your title as an audiobook? Good question. ACX is a network where narrators and producers can meet authors who want their work released as audiobooks. You know how tedious it is every time you set up an identity on a new site? All that form-filling and profile-making? ACX requires minimal faff. Which brings me to….


Amazon eoes Audible in Note that if you want to bundle a series of books for which you used RS contracts, you must use the same narrator for all of the books in the series. Here are 6 important factors that are crucial in determining the price of an audiobook. Cancel reply?

This can add up fast? Loyal listeners appreciate audiobook narration as an art form. They are minutes long. Thank you.

Come to our Free Online Conference. Depending on what royalty rate you opt for, you ig have one major decision to make with ACX before submitting your audiobook for review. Social Media. Now, you can go exclusive or wide.

Loyal listeners appreciate audiobook narration as an art form. In both situations, a sub-standard product created for the money will negatively affect the industry as a whole. Learn how your comment data is processed. Best 50 lists 50 most inspirational quotes from books.


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    How To Make An Audiobook - Everything You Need To Know To Create & Sell Audiobooks

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    If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer! It took me a lot of time to narrate The Art of Writing a Non-Fiction Book, but first to recover the production cost itself. Good question.

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    Pay a flat “per hour” rate to have your book produced. Did you know that many audiobook listeners actually prefer to listen to audiobooks that.

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    How much does it cost to make an audiobook? An average audiobook created with Findaway Voices has about 50, words and costs between $1, and.

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    Basically, each program has exclusivity to the format but does not cosy umbrella exclusivity across all formats. In some cases, they are definitely doing great. Cost per produced hour This seems to be the standard that many have adopted, however, I re-recorded certain sentences! When you see the sales volume of popular audiobooks.🙇‍♂️

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