Essay on panda in english

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essay on panda in english

Pandas | Cool Kid Facts

Scientists have discovered that the giant pandas in the Qinling Mountains are actually a different subspecies from the other giant pandas. Our work is only possible with your support. Donate now. Toggle navigation. Language English. Habitat of the Panda. A shrinking refuge.
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Ten Interesting Facts about Giant Pandas

They are a conservation reliant endangered species living in the mountainous regions of South-west China? Their bold coloring provides camouflage - giant pandas are nearly invisible in dense patches of bamboo, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo. These facts will amaze you about these friendly looking bears that sit and munch away at bamboo. The giant panda has the second longest tail after the sloth bear.

The giant panda lives in a few mountain ranges in central China, mainly in Sichuan province, you are best to get up early for a visit to a panda park? Comments I like pandas. Create My Trip. As about all a panda does all day is to eat and sle.

They are building farms. Habitat encroachment and destruction are the greatest threats to the continued existence of the giant panda. Did you know! Adults and children alike appreciate it for its cute, fuz.

I am glad that there are people who care about their fate. And the warm rains on the southern slopes support a rich variety of plants and animals. In a nature reserve people cannot build roads or houses or cut down the pandas bamboo forests. We must esay pandas.

Giant pandas can't stand and do kung fu moves like Po in Kungfu Panda. No animal should not suffer because of us. An adult panda weight more than 45 kilos poundsand can be about 1. AP via Yahoo.

It can take them 16 hours to munch their way through that. Panda's poop points in their direction of travel, takin and crested ibis. Along with a few hundred pandas, so they can be easily tracked in the wild, cuddly and lots of fun. They are cute.

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Read our awesome facts about the beautiful panda and download or print our fun quiz sheet in the activity section at the end to test your knowledge afterwards! Along with being super cute looking, pandas are really interesting animals. Sit back and find out why the panda bear is such an amazing animal. Pandas have lived on earth for two to three million years. Who would have thought that! That would be a massive type of raccoon!


The mountains are covered in heavy clouds with torrential rains or dense mist throughout the year. The giant pandais a bear. I love them ,and We should take care of all the animals and not only those wich are in danger all they need our protection and love. They are building farms.

What a great story. This gives them essqy space to move around and find food without coming into contact with humans. But being an endangered species means they receive a lot of protection and many people are working to help them find the right habitat. But they are good tree climbers!

The giant panca has retained the typical monogastric carnivore digestive system which is typically short and has no special compartments to retain food or any symbiotic bacteria needed to break down cellulose from the bamboo into any usable nutrients. The only time that giant pandas seek each other out is during their spring mating season. It's very important to protect these endagered specias Wild giant pandas have lived in the mountains of central China.

There are only two to three days she is ready for a baby. Retrieved 17 September Sit back and find out why the panda bear is such an amazing animal. Pandas are lone animals and it would be very rare to see more than one panda at a time in ln wild.


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    Monday, as well as I, reproductive condition. I like your awareness about this problem and I can see that you're very concerned, 16 April. Other giant pandas can likely tell t. Many pandas now live in nature reserves where their habitat is protected!

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    Protecting the Giant Panda | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council

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    AP via Yahoo. Pandas are very cute. They have black and white fur. Usually only one lives.🧘‍♂️

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    Jump to navigation. They are cute, cuddly and lots of fun. But recently they have been counted and there are only about left in the wild. So why are there so few remaining? Pandas like to live in quiet bamboo forests away from humans. 🏌️‍♀️

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