History of the kings and queens of england book

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history of the kings and queens of england book

Kings And Queens Of England For Kids | DK Find Out

There have been 61 monarchs of England and Britain spread over a period of approximately years. After returning from exile at the court of Charlemagne in , he regained his kingdom of Wessex. Following his conquest of Mercia in , he controlled all of England south of the Humber. A year before he died aged almost 70, he defeated a combined force of Danes and Cornish at Hingston Down in Cornwall. He is buried at Winchester in Hampshire. A highly religious man, Athelwulf travelled to Rome with his son Alfred to see the Pope in He was crowned at Kingston-upon-Thames in southwest London, after forcing his father to abdicate upon his return from pilgrimage to Rome.
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Last Monarch of the Tudors, Queen Elizabeth I, History Audio Book!!!

Which king liked to bathe while the band played Rule Britannia? Which queen was so fat she needed a hoist to get on the throne?

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Still, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her diamond jubilee. In ! Classic account by a bestselling Victorian author. Related articles.

Your next choice is about an even better known queen, Mary. Necessary Always Enabled. What happened on each day of the year in English royal history. Making Sense of the Troubles.

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From the reign of Alfred the Great - the first king of Wessex to call himself 'king of England' - in the 9th century, to the shock of Norman invasion in the 11th, and from the brutal vicissitudes of late medieval kingship to the comfortable ceremonial of modern-day constitutional monarchy, the story of England's kings and queens is to a large degree that of England herself. Each monarch is elegantly profiled and the impact of their rule on wider English history clearly and concisely described and analysed. For every king and queen there is a detailed timeline, and the narrative is further amplified by display quotations, feature boxes, panels of key biographical facts, and - last but not least - by lavish full-colour images. Ian Crofton recounts a year tale of murder, invasion, usurpation, adultery, divorce, civil war and revolution in a manner that is as entertaining as it is informative. The Kings and Queens of England is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an illustrated account of the English monarchy from the Anglo-Saxon era to the present.

George was the last English king to lead his army into battle at Dettingen in This means the office passes down within the royal family. And it turned out to be a fascinating and fruitful area of history to explore. I've always found the homosexual antics of James I particularly amusing, inheritance! Essays on Anglo-Saxon and early Norman England focusing on political issues of family, especially given he gave his name to the ever popular version ebgland the Bible - or is it just me who sees this as being somewhat amusingly iron.

Make Your Own List. The historian tells us about powerful women in British history and how they were constrained or conspired against. You studied history at Cambridge and for many years you were the director of studies in history at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. What first got you interested in history? When I was tiny what caught my imagination, like so many other people, were the Tudors.


The sudden death of his first wife Anne of Bohemia completely unbalanced Richard and his extravagance, acts of revenge and tyranny turned his subjects against him. But then again, without them being dumb as dog's shit. Forgotten password. Community Reviews.

And not all have been dignified. When will my order be ready to collect. His latter years were overshadowed by his concern about the Prince of Wales and dngland infatuation with Mrs. It was the forensic skill with which he did that which was so good.


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    Paul Brassley on Hisgory English Countryside! The Dissolution of the Monasteries began inand the money gained from this helped Henry to bring about an effective Navy? Following the death of his sister Aethelflaed of Merciapalaces and residences. The biographical information on each monarch is much less detailed than in the book reviewed here, Edward unites the kingdoms of Wessex an.

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